Webster’s Dictionary: “crusty, ill-tempered and usually old man”

Alternative definition: “an old baby boomer”

Do we all fit the definition?  Probably not.  Do most of us?  Probably.

But what’s wrong with that I ask.  A corollary trait for a curmudgeon includes “no tolerance for fools”, and we need a lot more people with that trait today.  No longer can we idly sit on our hands while these fools ruin the world for everyone.  We need to have zero tolerance for a long list of fools:

  • the Fake-President
  • red light runners
  • NRA members and supporters
  • anyone on Fox News
  • anyone who believes everything they hear on television
  • Republicans in the congress
  • grocery store executives who approved self-checkout kiosks
  • people who deny global warming

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A year for Presidents

Clinton, Bush, Tramp – all Presidents of the United States.  All born in 1946, the first year of the baby boom.   Its never happened before.  There have been three sets of two Presidents born in the same year.:  John Q. Adams and Andrew Jackson – 1767;  Ulysses Grant and Rutherford Hayes – 1822; and Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford – 1913.

We should have stopped at one; learned our lesson with two.; and never done the third.

The Fake President is the oldest ever to take office, just slightly older than Reagan who was also mentally impaired when he started.

We have a minimum age limit.  Maybe there should be a maximum limit – say 60.  AND a mental health test!

socialism after all

My mother lives in a nice condo in an exclusive community.  She and my dad bought it over forty years ago for less than $100,000 and its now worth over $2 million.  I visit her frequently and on every visit I’m overwhelmed by the incredible wealth on display in the enormous mansions, which are hidden behind gates and large walls.  But it’s not just that one community and its mansions.  The evidence of excessive wealth is everywhere.  Unfortunately, so is the evidence of hopeless poverty and suffering.

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Blood on their hands

The NRA and anyone who supports them has the blood of thousands of innocent lives on their hands.  This is not debatable.  And no amendment of the constitution will ever be able to wipe those hands clean.  A special place in hell awaits all of them.

Man is hardwired for violence.  That’s what kept us alive for centuries.  But weapons determine the level of the violence.  A knife fight is one on one violence.  Up close and personal, difficult.   An automatic rifle shooting is a one on many violence.  Impersonal, distant, and too easy. – a coward’s way.   We are never going to weed all of the mentally deranged killers from our society, but we can make them engage in  knife fight rather than an automatic rifle slaughter.

The Russians are coming. The Russians are coming.

To the surprise of almost no one, not even the fake president, it is now clear that the Russians were a large factor in the outcome of the last election.

That’s terrible…right?  Of course, but the worse thing is that we can’t do anything about it.  Will we be able to void the election?  No.  We will be able to get a real president?  No.   Will we be lucky enough that there is a “smoking gun” that implicates the fake president in a cover-up?  Probably not and even if there was, that idiot and his lackys would be able to divert our attention by yelling about HIllary’s emails.

So let’s not spend any time on this and instead focus on driving as many Republicans from the House as we can come November.

my first post – Old Baby Boomers Blues

This blog will be for those of us who were born during the early years of the baby boom – 1946 to 1950 (maybe 1951 or 1952 but after that thing changed enough that many of our experiences were different).

Some of this may come out as a rant.  But so what, it’s my blog.  Some will agree.  Some will disagree.  Many will not care… and consequently, I don’t care about them.  That may not actually be true, but I’m not writing this for them.

I was born in 1946, the first year of the baby boom, and I’m now 71 and feeling very despondent when I look at the condition of our society, our country, our world.  Sure, I like my smart phone and all it can do.  I love being able to find out about something instantly.  But we just had another school shooting and that exemplifies all that is wrong with us.  That we’re so violent and so closed minded and so angry.  And we feel so helpless in the face of the way things are rigged for the rich and the powerful.  The bullies are running the world, and most of us are cowering in the corner, hoping that they won’t notice us.