Tax Day

Nothing hits you quite like a big shock to the wallet.  No big tax benefit for yours truly.  Just on the fringe of the upper percentages, the biggest impact was thousands of dollars into the AMT pothole.

Where the hell is the outrage about the tax benefits for the very wealth and the fact that Tramp has never released  his tax statements?  What other politician would get away with that?  And only because he doesn’t give a shit what normal people think about him.

I’ve had this idea for years as a form or protest – first to Regan, then Bush Sr, and definitely to Bush the lesser.  What if we all filed our returns on time, meeting the legal requirement, BUT DON’T PAY ANYTHING.  Let them come after millions of us.  And in the meantime see how they can spin that as anything other that a popular uprising against what a mess the government has come to be.

And I blame the do-nothing-but-bend-over Democrats as much as anyone.  Politics as usual is getting us into an awful situation with the economy, the environment, peace, and just pure decency.

I just wish I had the guts to do it.

Is the tide turning?

Just finishing a trip to Palm Beach, getting out ahead of the arrival of Tramp aka not-my-president

After days at the high society clubs and fancy restaurants (all courtesy of my mother who lives here) I realize that there is a change, subtle as it may be, to the tone of the conversation regarding the idiot-in-chief.  This heretofore very loyal crowd is murmuring discontent and actually beginning to question the blinders-on faith they had in him just because he’s a republican.   If it can happen to this group, the only group in America that benefits from the recent tax cut, then it could happen anywhere.  I hope.

Bullies, part 2

The thing about bullies is that the only way to handle them is to smash them in the mouth.  You can try to run, but you can’t hide.  If you try to negotiate, or peacefully coexist, they just push harder because they sense weakness, and weakness is an aphrodisiac for bullies.

Bullies are cowards, fearful little creatures, and they will never punch back.  But if they have control of nuclear weapons and no one above them to say “no” to  them, then we’re all f–ked.

Our Bully is Badder Than Your Bully

Note to  the people of North Korea:  our bully (fake-president Tramp) is tougher than your bully (Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un).

It should come as no surprise that our bully-in-chief is the baddest on the block because he is crazy.  No one knows what weird, stupid shit he will do, just so he can win whatever contest he thinks he’s in.  That unpredictability, instability, is what makes him so dangerous to all of us.

The “deal” to be reached between these “leaders” will be a Tramp hotel for a bunch of nuclear missiles that the NRA will manage.   I know that I’ll feel a lot safer.

50th College Reunion

Most of us who were born in 1946 went to college in 1964 and graduated in 1968.  That makes this the year of the 50th college reunions.  Hard to believe.

At my college it was the custom for the class that was having its 50th reunion to schedule it the same weekend as the graduation and for the 50-year-men to march at the head of the graduation procession.  It’s a nice tradition and still done.  So that means if I go to my 50th reunion I would be marching with all the other old geezers.

I remember a brief thought at my graduation as I watched, through my blood-shot eyes and hangover, those old geezers from the class of 1918.  That thought was – my god how can they still walk at that age.  They looked SO OLD.  I most definitely do not feel as old as those guys looked.

Had I not been so self-absorbed, I would possibly have thought about the incredible changes they had experienced and witnessed in those 50 years.  The roaring twenties in their twenties; prohibition; the great depression; WW II; the Korean war; the cold war and the beginning of the Vietnam war.  And that led me to think about the changes in my 50 years as a college graduate.

Nixon to Bush to Tramp – a terrible progression; can it get any worse?

Rotary dial phones to smart phones – there is such a thing as too much communication.

Electric typewriters to word processors – more information but less knowledge and wisdom.

No computers to laptops and AI – scary stuff.

Three television networks to hundreds – and still nothing to watch.

The cold war we “won” to the cyber war that we may be losing.


I like to make these posts interactive, so please send in your changes, especially you who are facing your 50th reunion this summer.


Webster’s Dictionary: “crusty, ill-tempered and usually old man”

Alternative definition: “an old baby boomer”

Do we all fit the definition?  Probably not.  Do most of us?  Probably.

But what’s wrong with that I ask.  A corollary trait for a curmudgeon includes “no tolerance for fools”, and we need a lot more people with that trait today.  No longer can we idly sit on our hands while these fools ruin the world for everyone.  We need to have zero tolerance for a long list of fools:

  • the Fake-President
  • red light runners
  • NRA members and supporters
  • anyone on Fox News
  • anyone who believes everything they hear on television
  • Republicans in the congress
  • grocery store executives who approved self-checkout kiosks
  • people who deny global warming

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A year for Presidents

Clinton, Bush, Tramp – all Presidents of the United States.  All born in 1946, the first year of the baby boom.   Its never happened before.  There have been three sets of two Presidents born in the same year.:  John Q. Adams and Andrew Jackson – 1767;  Ulysses Grant and Rutherford Hayes – 1822; and Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford – 1913.

We should have stopped at one; learned our lesson with two.; and never done the third.

The Fake President is the oldest ever to take office, just slightly older than Reagan who was also mentally impaired when he started.

We have a minimum age limit.  Maybe there should be a maximum limit – say 60.  AND a mental health test!

socialism after all

My mother lives in a nice condo in an exclusive community.  She and my dad bought it over forty years ago for less than $100,000 and its now worth over $2 million.  I visit her frequently and on every visit I’m overwhelmed by the incredible wealth on display in the enormous mansions, which are hidden behind gates and large walls.  But it’s not just that one community and its mansions.  The evidence of excessive wealth is everywhere.  Unfortunately, so is the evidence of hopeless poverty and suffering.

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Blood on their hands

The NRA and anyone who supports them has the blood of thousands of innocent lives on their hands.  This is not debatable.  And no amendment of the constitution will ever be able to wipe those hands clean.  A special place in hell awaits all of them.

Man is hardwired for violence.  That’s what kept us alive for centuries.  But weapons determine the level of the violence.  A knife fight is one on one violence.  Up close and personal, difficult.   An automatic rifle shooting is a one on many violence.  Impersonal, distant, and too easy. – a coward’s way.   We are never going to weed all of the mentally deranged killers from our society, but we can make them engage in  knife fight rather than an automatic rifle slaughter.