A new low for Maryland

It’s easy to blame the University of Maryland for the death of Jordan McNair, and it was the UMD president who almost immediately admitted the university’s culpability.

Then it got messy and political.  The Board of Regents took over and they are controlled by the republican governor – Hogan.   Hogan is a typical lying politician who will do and say anything to get and keep his job.   The Board of Regents ignored all evidence that the football program under the head coach was unhealthy for the players (and not successful on the field).   It is unbelievable that they retained the coach and athletic director who were directly responsible for the players death and forced the school president to resign because he had taken the moral high ground and admitted that the university had failed to protect the student.

The powerful alumni donors who keep the football program alive are the same people who support the governor and other lying republican politicians.  They have shown us how callously uncaring the republican establishment is toward everyone else.

Another sad day for America

The weakness of a complacent democracy is clearly evident in the confirmation of lover boy Kavanaugh.

The right wing idiots are a minority but a powerful and organized one, led by a man who has no morals or sense of right and wrong.  He’s a bully and many love that.  Sad.

But the saddest thing is that this is much more damaging to our country that a temporary head of the EPA or even Justice.  This is for the life of this person who does not represent anyone other than the conservative rich.

The only way out of this problem is to amend the constitution to require a 2/3 vote of the senate to confirm a supreme court justice.  That would prohibit any party from this kind of terrible bludgeoning of democracy.