Is the tide turning?

Just finishing a trip to Palm Beach, getting out ahead of the arrival of Tramp aka not-my-president

After days at the high society clubs and fancy restaurants (all courtesy of my mother who lives here) I realize that there is a change, subtle as it may be, to the tone of the conversation regarding the idiot-in-chief.  This heretofore very loyal crowd is murmuring discontent and actually beginning to question the blinders-on faith they had in him just because he’s a republican.   If it can happen to this group, the only group in America that benefits from the recent tax cut, then it could happen anywhere.  I hope.

What’s with the high heels?

Yesterday I went to the Patriot League championship game for women’s basketball with my wife and daughter.  And I’m happy to say that my AU Eagles won over Navy.  So they’re dancing in the NCAA Tournament.  The team’s best player and MVP of the tournament is a sophomore, so the future is bright.

What amazed me, however, was the fact that all the AU coaches, all of them female, all wore these 6 inch stiletto high heel shoes.  It was so incredibly incongruous with the energetic athletic nature of the players – all wearing sensible basketball shoes.

I wonder what kind of message  this sends to these young women – that their coaches would dress in such unsuitable, unreasonable, footwear?  To me it seems like it could easily send the wrong message about dress, shoes, and how you have to look as a female.

But then I’m a dumb guy and what do I know.

Bullies, part 2

The thing about bullies is that the only way to handle them is to smash them in the mouth.  You can try to run, but you can’t hide.  If you try to negotiate, or peacefully coexist, they just push harder because they sense weakness, and weakness is an aphrodisiac for bullies.

Bullies are cowards, fearful little creatures, and they will never punch back.  But if they have control of nuclear weapons and no one above them to say “no” to  them, then we’re all f–ked.

Our Bully is Badder Than Your Bully

Note to  the people of North Korea:  our bully (fake-president Tramp) is tougher than your bully (Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un).

It should come as no surprise that our bully-in-chief is the baddest on the block because he is crazy.  No one knows what weird, stupid shit he will do, just so he can win whatever contest he thinks he’s in.  That unpredictability, instability, is what makes him so dangerous to all of us.

The “deal” to be reached between these “leaders” will be a Tramp hotel for a bunch of nuclear missiles that the NRA will manage.   I know that I’ll feel a lot safer.

Shameless Self-Promotion

I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s,  and  I have some perspectives on coming of age during that time.  It was very different from what my 15-year-old daughter experiences today.  It was simpler in so many ways, particularly without the means of 24-hour instant communication.  I plan to address many of those issues in this blog.  But I have also used that era as the backdrop for a series of young-adult, new adult, novels.

The Education of Clark Westfield is a trilogy that begins with Lovely Rita, continues with Curse of the Nice Guy, and ends with Clark’s Choice.   The first two novels are available on Amazon in print or e-book; they are also available as e-books on other internet book retailers including Barnes&Nobel and Smashwords.  The third novel is scheduled to release this summer – June 30.

If you decide to check them out, I’d appreciate it if you would post a review online at the purchase site.  And if you want to comment on it here, that would also be great.

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